The path to success in your career can be challenging to navigate. Studying for hours on end, networking with others in the field, and staying up late working (sometimes) all seem like ways that some people may view as successful methods of achieving their goals. But what if it’s not about what you do but how you perceive success?

Ways To Perceive Career Success

1) It’s not about the money.

– While making a good living is important, it shouldn’t be your sole reason for working hard to achieve success in your career. If you’re primarily concerned with what others think of how much money you make or have, then that could reflect poorly on you as a person and become an obstacle when trying to achieve career success.

2) It’s not about the recognition.

– You might be surprised how often people try to stand out in their field by bragging or taking credit for work done by others, but there are better ways to gain notoriety than trying to take full responsibility for something you’re only partially responsible for.

Notoriety can come from focusing on what you do best and working hard to become recognized as an expert in your field. This can lead to career success by putting you on the radar of influential people and could help move your career forward.

3) It’s not about the hours.

– Staying up late at night or working long hours can seem like a necessity to achieve success in your career, but you should always make sure that there is adequate time for rest and relaxation as well. The last thing you want to do is burn yourself out by sacrificing too much of what makes life enjoyable

4) It’s not about the people.

– While it is important to maintain good relationships with those you work closely with, there are times when a disagreement may occur, and that doesn’t have to be the end of your relationship or career success. Being able to work through disagreements can help strengthen your professional connections and provide beneficial opportunities for your career success.


There are many different ways to perceive career success, but the only one that matters is how you feel about achieving your goals and what makes you happy in life outside of work. This can be achieved by prioritizing time for yourself and those around you, focusing on your talents rather than others’ opinions, and learning from your mistakes rather than taking full credit for your successes.