Here’s the harsh reality that many business owners don’t want to face: every business will face struggles. You need to be prepared, whether it’s a lack of sales, struggling employees, or bad clients.

Here are some top tips for helping you prepare for the inevitable business struggle – and how to overcome them.

1. Create a Resilient Mindset

The first step in preparing yourself for a difficult time is to have the right mindset. Someone with a don’t-care attitude would be less likely to overcome struggles because they don’t see their value. So you need to convince yourself that there’s no such thing as failure – just lessons.

2. See Threats As New Opportunities

Another way to help yourself prepare for a struggle is to see any threat as an opportunity. The biggest reason start-ups fail isn’t due to their product or service not working – but their lack of vision. So when you’re presented with a problem, try and turn it into something positive.

3. Have a Supportive Community

It’s all well and good to be optimistic about your business, but it doesn’t hurt to have other people in the same boat as you. This is why having a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs is important – they understand what you’re going through and can help you overcome struggles that everyone faces.

4. Break Down Problems Into Smaller Pieces

Many of the problems that businesses face can be broken down into smaller pieces, which are easier to handle. Bigger issues become insurmountable when you think about them as one big problem, but they become smaller and more manageable when you break things down.

5. Stay Healthy Yourself

One of the most effective ways to help your business is staying healthy yourself. Unhealthy people have low energy and are difficult to get along with, whereas healthy people are more likely to make strong connections. So if you want a successful business, you must stay in shape too.

Every business is going to come across struggles at some point or another. But by preparing yourself as much as possible, you’ll be in a much better position to overcome them and succeed.